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New Year Fairy  Lego Madagascar 
Chinese New Year Dora The Explorer Super Heros Simpsons
National Day Tweety Pie Spider Man Cookie Monster
Valentines Day Hello Kitty Super Man Archie’s
Diwali Monster High Bat Man Alice in Wonderland
Baby Shower Disney Princess Iron Man 101 Dalmatians
Bachellorite Cinderella Minecraft Arabian
21st Birthday Snow White Pirate  Chip monks
Halooween Tangled  Johny Bravo Kung Fu Panda
1st Birthday Sleeping Beauty Dexters Laboratory Jurassic Park
and many more…. Sofia the first Camoflage  Harry Potter
  Tinker Bell Jake the Pirate Adams Family
  Ariel  Pinochio  Angry Birds
  Power Puff Girls Lightning Mc Queen Flintstones
  Disney Frozen Avengers  Avengers
  Wonder Women Transformers  Transformers 
  Rainbow  Disney Planes Great Gatsby
  Butterfly  Ninja  Circus
  and many more….. Football  Space 
   Disney Cars Hollywood 
   and many more….. Bollywood 
    Under the Sea
    Micky & Minnie (Club House)
    Winnie the Pooh and Friends
    Tom and Jerry
    Bugs Bunny
    Super Mario
    Sponge Bob
    Scooby Doo
    Jungle Book
    Curious George
    Lion King
    and many more…

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